Creature From The Black Lagoon Pinball Hologram Mod CFTBL

Please note the Video on YouTube is in standard Definition and is HD when purchased.

This great mod full colour mod replaces the tired old blue or faded Hologram for CFTBL and adds a great deal more in visual appeal whilst not interfering with the game play.

Add more value to your CFTBL without the huge cost of other aftermarket hologram mods. It is full colour and has transitions that are easy on the eye & doesn’t affect gameplay. While the mod is not synched in with the play you would swear it was. In some instances, the timing is perfect.

While the video Mod does play continuously it is not showing all the time, with timely clips much like the Hologram which comes on with The Film feature.

There are nice watery transitions that blend well, so it doesn’t detract from gameplay Features: Green Hologram image (much like the original). Blue Hologram as a homage to all the faded holograms.

Full clips from the original Movie and tasteful transitions and image morphs, rare Flyer & Poster art transitions, Movie Promo, Adult feature and a adult Creature parody.

  • Features Full Colour & Black & White Video
  • 10″ HD Screen
  • Clips from the Original Movie
  • Transitions and tasteful Morphs from collectable Creature items
  • RARE Adult Parody XXX
  • Green and Blue Hologram (Just like the original)
  • Loops play to ensure great visuals whilst playing
  • Doesn’t interfere with gameplay
  • Fits perfectly onto the creature Hologram without damaging the original
  • Easily unpluggable for reinstall of original Hologram
  • Comes with full instructions (included).
  • Please note that this mod is not intergrated with gameplay.