Creature From The Black Lagoon Video Mod



Version 2 Now shipping as standard.

Please note that this mod is not integrated with gameplay.

The Creach Video Mod is a great replacement & addition to the Hologram in CFTBL.

The original  CFTBL hologram is usually faded blue or black or even not working. This Creach Mod adds a whole lot more visual appeal at an affordable price.

The fully Installed Version comes with full installation instructions for your mod. Plug and Play.

The Video Mod comes fully installed and will be sent worldwide.

Please note cost is in AUD.

We ship worldwide from Australia.

Please also note that International orders are going via Sea Freight due to COVID (which is 6 weeks minimum – 3 Months to arrive). Unfortunately this is out of our control.

We will change this once Australia Post does the same.